Walk the Talk

This Saturday (1/22), from 2-4pm, I’m giving a talk for the (700 member!) NYC Paleo Meetup (along with CrossFit NYC’s Communications Director and resident Paleo Diet expert Allison Bojarski) entitled:

Caveman Lessons on Performing Better, Living Longer, and Looking Good Naked.

As I just blogged about, the Paleo diet is getting all kinds of press these days. But the basic underlying hypothesis (we evolved for one set of conditions, yet currently live in another, which causes an array of health problems) dictates a much broader prescription than simply diet – from sleep schedule and stress management, to how we move, stretch, exercise, and play.

In particular, the talk explores three main questions:

– What is fitness, and how can we tell when we’re ‘in shape’?
– How fit were cavemen / hunter-gatherers, and how did they get that way?
– What does that mean we should do to be healthy and fit in today’s world?

The talk isn’t focused on CrossFit per se, but rather covers fitness in general, in a broad evolutionary context. Admission is $5 through the Paleo Meetup, but if you email me in advance, I can squeeze you in for free.

January 18, 2011